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PA NEN Committees

Here's your opportunity to get involved in the PANEN activities! In doing so, you will help the Network reach its goal, ensure viability in the dietetics practice, and join a team of forward-thinking community leaders. 

To learn more about the committees click on the links below.    

  • Executive Committee: Provides ongoing leadership in the absence of the PA NEN, advancing the policies, guidelines and activities adopted by the Board. Members are elected from the Board.
  • Board of Directors: Serves as governing body for PA NEN by advising the Management Entity, DHS and FNS on programs, policies and activities within the bounds of PA NEN's Mission. 
  • Social Marketing Committee: Identifies impactful, nutrition education initiatives and reviews the progression of PA NEN's "Eat Together PA" Social Marketing Campaign focused on fostering a culture of eating with others.
  • Professional Development Committee: Provides leadership on conference content, preparing proposals, and recommendations for the annual statewide conference.
  • Membership Committee: Recruits new Network members and Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Program (PA NEP) project sponsors.