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What is PA NEN

PA NEN Mission

The Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network facilitates communication among individuals and organizations engaged with improving nutrition in our communities. We work to ensure that effective, evidence-based, appropriate nutrition resources -  primarily for low income populations - are available across the state.


First conceived in November 1996, the Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network provides a forum- for public and private agencies and other groups working with Pennsylvanians eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)- to share information about current nutrition education efforts and to plan and implement innovative strategies.
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PA NEN Initiatives

The PA NEN staff, with the help of committee members, are actively involved in promoting and implementing nutrition education throughout the Commonwealth. Each year, we gain funding to conduct education efforts to improve and enhance the health of low-income families.
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What Else Does PA NEN Do?

  • Convenes in statewide forums, where public and private agencies working with low-income Pennsylvanians, share program information and resources.
  • Designs and implements social marketing campaigns that promote the adoption of healthful, food-related behaviors.
  • Facilitates the compilation of the PA Nutrition Education Program plan, optional funding from the State Nutrition Assistance Program that supports nutrition and food education for low-income people.
  • Encourages and supports the development and activities of local groups addressing food and nutrition issues in their communities.
  • Provides health and nutrition information, updated research, resources, continuing education opportunities and webinars for a diverse membership of registered dietitians, health professionals, paraprofessionals and providers; researchers; teachers; parents; and any other interested Pennsylvanian.
  • Engages people who want to learn more about the design and delivery of effective nutrition education to SNAP-eligible audiences.
  • Collaborates with Pennsylvania State Agencies to implement and evaluate PA NEN's free, downloadable fruit and vegetable materials.