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Physical Activity

Get Moving, Your Way - Run, Walk, Dance, Play

Many diet-related diseases (including obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and bone health) are not only associated with the way we eat; but they're also coupled with our lack of physical activity. Understanding this connection can help us see food as a means to energize our movement.

The following amount of weekly activity is recommended: 

It's just as important to enjoy our exercise. We don’t always need to hit our hardest climb. Instead, go up the stairs regularly, walk off a meal, take a work break by jogging, ride your bike with family and friends, play with your dog, dance with buds, you name it. All these healthy movements count:

Onto the Resources! 

Physical Activity and Nutrition are Closely Linked:

We know that not everyone has a safe environment for exercise. Squeeze in a moment for indoor activities. Try some of these videos:

Body Workouts, Step-By-Step: 

Physical Activity Programs:
If you're a non-profit, agency or organization looking for some evidence-based physical activity programs for your community, check these links. 
Physical Activity Campaigns: 
Get fact sheets, posters, videos, and interactive tools from these links!

Blogs and Articles:
See what the experts have to say! 
  • Penn State Cooperative Extensions' Fitness and Exercise blogs by their nutrition experts
  • Daily movement for the elderly from NPR
  • A beginner’s guide to working out from Healthline