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Video Channels

Watch top-notch food & health professionals talk about a variety of topics over YouTube, Google+, and other video channels.

Jump with Jill is the first Rock Star Nutritionist. You can learn about how to incorporate her dance moves into classrooms, watch music videos and much more at her Youtube page. Subscribe or listen here

These videos highlight the research behind the US Department of Agriculture’s ability to keep our food safe. You’ll find videos, magazine articles, podcasts and blog posts at this site! 

Ted-Ed shared the story behind our microbiome through this animated YouTube video

EatingWell posts many of their recipe ideas on YouTube. Watch them here

Farm-To-School New England has a Youtube channel

No Kid Hungry wants to end childhood hunger community hunger. Follow their Google + and YouTube page or updates.

Edible School Yard keeps a YouTube channel with food system, farm-to-school and many more topics. 

Harvest Public Media keeps a YouTube to share food, fuel, and field stories from across the nation.

Why are expiration dates leading to so much food waste?  Harvard’s Food, Law, and Policy Clinic released a short video on the matter. 

Change Lab Solutions provides community-based solutions childhood obesity. They focus on policy issues like junk food marketing, making better food  and activity environments, and creating healthier schools. Scroll through their YouTube page to find videos explaining their solution for each of these topics.

NOTE: More video channels are listed within our most recent Nutrition News Nibbles E-Newsletter. This resource is archived, here