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Recorded Conferences & Classes

Conference highlights, speaker recordings, and meeting webcasts!

The Washington Post Live held a conference,“Transformers: Food”. Watch the recording. 

A 2017 Food Tank Summit brought together prominent food and nutrition leaders! See where nutrition and agriculture policy might be going. Here is the recording of the morning and afternoon sessions. 

The Lifestyle is Medicine Annual Conference brings together  physicians, health care professionals, ancillary health care providers, prominent leaders in preventative medicine, and other thought-leaders who support healthy routine for wellness. You can view some presentations from previous years’ conferences here

Tufts Freidman School of Food and Nutrition shares recorded videos of speakers presenting at their school. Watch them here

The Aspen Ideas Festival presented on “Planetary Health” – the need to focus on the health of the planet and its impacts human health. More about this term and what we should do about it can be seen in this hour-long, panel discussion. Scroll down the website to see the other pertinent food system discussions you could listen to. 

"Encouraging Healthy Food Choices in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)" was a meeting led by food, nutrition, and policy professionals. Watch it here, and click here for a print-out of the slides.

To see previous public meetings leading to the development of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, click here

The Nebraska Cooperative Extension office recorded online diabetes prevention education classes led by health professionals. You can listen to each recording here.  Under each link you will find presentation and handouts from each session.

This segment of the TedMed series questions the perceived link between diabetes and obesity. 

Stephen Guyenet, a dietitian and researcher, shares more about the brain when hungry.  

Terra Madre is a world food conference that brings together top thinkers (authors, food providers, farmers, doctors, researchers, and more) from around the world to talk about food issues. This prestigious conference panel focused on how we could create international, edible education collaboration.Learn more about the conference and it's history here

NOTE: More Recorded Conferences and Classes are listed within our most recent Nutrition News Nibbles E-Newsletter. This resource is archived, here