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Policy Websites

The following organizations, government agencies, nonprofits, foundations, and advocates vividly illustrate food politics in action. They provide accessible, balanced accounts of the dietary and physical activity recommendations, healthier schools lunches, various modifications to Federal Nutrition Programs, food labeling, agricultural policy, and more!

Click the links below to gain insights from the strategic decision-makers pushing for a healthier tomorrow. 


Government Agencies





Why should Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, Dietetic Technicians, and other health professionals be involved in policy?

  • Dietetic interns and graduate students from Maine interview their professors for the answer on this video.

Food Politics Databases:

  • Plate of the Union is a petition calling our next president to fix our broken food system. 
  • Food Policy Action rates your state's legislators on their food politics views. 
  • The UConn Rudd Center hosts a legislative update database where you can search food and nutrition policy happening throughout the years!
  • For the most recent federal and state nutrition updates, the UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity publishes this extensive monthly report. Sign up for monthly updates by contacting Whitney
  • Find your legislator to educate him about what you do in the field with a tool from the The Coalition Against Hunger.
  • The Healthy Food Policy Project is a collection of information on food policy created by food lawyers and scholars looking to elevate effective food policy as a model for national advocates.

Food Politics Training:

  • The Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior put on a webinar “Getting Prepped to Visit Lawmakers: Tips and Guidance on Meeting with Policy Makers on the Importance of Nutrition Education.” Learn how you can educate your local politician about what you’re doing in the field. View the webinar recording or retrieve the slides here