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Board of Directors

Upcoming Board of Directors Meeting

All PA NEN members are welcome to attend the Board of Director's meeting! Join our motivated team working to solve poverty-related hunger issues. Information regarding the next scheduled Board meeting will be posted here soon. 

Board Purpose: 

The PA NEN Board Committee serves as a governing body for PA NEN. 


  • Setting the goals, strategies, and direction for PA NEN.
  • Develop relationships with appropriate partners in pursuit of diversified funding.
  • Provide direction and resources for the Network that will advance PA NEN goals.
  • Learn more

Future Vision:

Maintain Board members and recruit new members who are interested in securing PA NEN's goals.


The committee meets three times a year: one meeting is held via conference call, and two are face-to-face. The conference call is held in January. Face-to-face meetings are scheduled on the first day of the annual conference, in April or May, and October.

Board Nominations: 

PA NEN is currently seeking nominations for Board members. If you are interested, please click here.

2019-2020 Current Board Members

Susan Cubbage - Co-Chair, Fulton County Food Basket
Muffin Friedman - Co-Chair, Retired
Karima N. Rose - Past chair, Freelance/Consultant
Keri Byrne -  Penn State Extension Nutrition Links
Rachel Chen - Ohio Valley Hospital
Memie Christie - Penn State Extension Nutrition Links
Whitney DePowell -  Penn State Extension Nutrition Links
Carolyn Gilles - Retired, Penn State Cooperative Extension
Sandy Hopple - Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Vanesa Karamanian - Health Promotion Council
Amanda Kopetsky - Student, University of Delaware
Holly Michaels - Well Span York Hospital
Bob Roebuck - Retired Chef, Volunteer at Central PA Food Bank
Amy Wishner - PA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Non-Voting Members/ Fiscal Partners
Christine Brennan - Project Director at PA SNAP-Ed Management Entity
Jessica Garvick - Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
Atrese Green - Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
Christina Miller - Health Promotion Council
Brian Whorl - Pennsylvania Department of Human Services

Non-Voting Member/ Staff
Serina Gaston - PA NEN, Executive Director

Learn more about the duties of Board Members