PA NEN Annual Conference 2015


Nutrition Educators:
Piecing it All Together

DoubleTree by Hilton
King of Prussia, PA
May 4-5, 2015

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The Conference SOLD OUT! We had a great response to registering for our conference this year. 


Session Updates:

  • Session 2C - Food Psychology: Why We Eat More than We Think - FULL (3/17)
  • Sessio 3D - Promoting Physical Activity and Nutrition to Prevent Obesity in Communities of Color - FULL (3/27)
  • Session 4E - Healthy Movimiento: A Family Approach to Food & Fitness - FULL (3/30)

Credit Updates:

The conference has been approved for the following credits. For more details, conference attendees can click here

  • CDR - 1 credit for each session including the breakfast keynote and 1 for the exhibits/posters.
    Total possible Credits = 6
  • AAFCS - 1 credit for each session including the breakfast keynote.
    Total possible Credits = 5
  • Act 48 - 1 credit for May 4 and 6 credits for May 5.
    Total possible Credits = 7
  • PQAS - Pending

Conference Updates:

PA NEN is Excited to Announce the 2015 Lineup of Speakers and Topics!

  • Promoting Physical Activity & Nutrition to Prevent Obesity in Communities of Color, Ivan Juzang, Founder/President MEE Productions
  • Food Psychology: Why We Eat More than We Think, Jim Painter, PhD, RD
  • Active Learning: Increasing Physical Activity and Improving Academic Achievements, David Genova, District Wellnes Coordinator
  • Healthy Movimiento: A Family Approach to Food and Fitness, Marian Dalke, Family Health Educator
  • Enhancing the Nutritional Impact of SNAP, Parke Wilde, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Communicate Like a Warrior Using Emotional Intelligence, Jane Welles Schooley, MA, CMBA
  • Application of What's New in Diabetes and Nutrition, Lynn Parker Klees, MA, RDN, LDN, CDE

About the Conference

What qualifies as a “bad” diet—the kind that leads to obesity and connected diseases? Why are 12.5% of Pennsylvania households food insecure and struggling to attain adequate nutrition? Nutrition educators and health providers, how can you answer these questions? PA NEN recognizes the complicated puzzle in front of you. Even the most qualified health professionals struggle to pinpoint the cause of malnutrition, hunger, and ways to eradicate these problems.

The 2015 conference will help you piece together your role in this multifaceted picture. Join our energizing conference to gain knowledge, awareness, and tools to construct the most fitting nutrition education for your clients.

  • Topics to be presented include the latest nutrition information and techniques encouraging disease prevention, tools for improving health communication, ways to incorporate physical activity, and so much more!
  • Exciting NEW Conference schedule and events.
  • Announcing the 3rd Annual Step Challenge, fully reloaded and recharged!
  • Visit with numerous vendors at the resources area and pick up new and exciting education materials.






















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